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shark_bitten's Journal

Shark bitten
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Hello and welcome to shark_bitten, Confettie's graphic community where I
post what ever I happen to be working on at the time. Why such a name? Well
it's because it's the only fandom I've never left and I really don't see
myself ever leaving. Yup I named the community after my favorite hockey
team, which I've been a fan of sense 93, the San Jose Sharks. Why even start
such a community? It is because I'm an avid fan of photoshop and this is
what I do to relax myself after a hard day at school or work. It's a nice
way to get away from it all and also a great way to meet other talented
graphic designers.

Rules are simple be courteous, give credit, no redistribution without my
permission, and most importantly don't direct link!

Three examples

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